Skoll MBA Scholarship For International Students In UK 2020

Skoll MBA Scholarship For International Students In UK 2020
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Skoll MBA Scholarship For International Students In UK 2020 is currently available to international students. This scholarship enables the Master’s program, the MBA program in Business Administration, to be taught at the University of Oxford.

Type Of Education Level

MBA from Said Business School, Oxford University.

Courses Available For Study

Masters in Business Administration.

The Financial Advantage Of The Scholarship

These are fully funded scholarships. The scholarship includes the full MBA and tuition fees, as well as living expenses for an additional £ 14,777.

The Countries Qualified To Apply For The Scholarship

International and local students from the United Kingdom can apply for this scholarship.

The Criteria Required From The Applicants For Admission

1. They have identified opportunities and taken action to achieve positive social impacts

2. You should spend at least 3 years advancing change through an entrepreneurial approach. For example, you can have:

  • Start or build a social business
  • OR leads to the expansion of social impact initiatives in an organization
  • OR address certain social / environmental issues through core issues that integrate your work

3. Make an impact by focusing on system changes

  • You can show the results and impact of your business
  • The effect is related to systems and unfair practices in your work area

4. Personal qualities of a social entrepreneur

  • They are the power for positive change
  • They are purposeful and stubborn, fail and start all over again
  • You are addicted to action
  • Tend to look for abilities and resources in your environment
  • Be prepared to take personal and sometimes financial risks
  • Build networks and recruit members to achieve common goals

5. You have welcomed a problem * or found the problem you want to solve

  • The Oxford MBA is very important for your career
  • You can show why business education at this stage is very important for career development and impact support

6. Financial needs

  • You are in a situation where program costs are a significant financial burden
  • You can prove the need for scholarships (for example due to previous work experience or personal circumstances)

Best Way To Apply For The Scholarship

To be eligible to be admitted for a scholarship, you must contact the Skoll Center to register your interest in the scholarship. Apply for the Oxford Saïd MBA at levels 1, 2 or 3 (including submitting your Skoll Scholarship essay) no later than 6 September 2019, 1 November 2019 or 10 January 2020. After you receive confirmation that you have been accepted into the MBA program, you will receive a link to the second part of the scholarship application from Skoll Center.

It is important that you visit the official website (link below) to access the application form and receive detailed application information for this scholarship.

The scholarship application deadline is January 10th, 2020.

Apply For The Scholarship Now

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